I love butterflies.Can never get over how beautiful and graceful they are.  At my wedding I imagine butterflies fluttering all over. Picture perfect,no?Just as I was panicking over what song to do along came Swiga with the song Butterflies. I first heard Swiga at an event and she was performing in the rain. She soldiered on though and  I remember thinking that she had an indie folk kind of sound to her with her other songs.

Butterflies is another one of those pre-love songs or one of those songs when you are crushing on someone. You know how it is, he or she passes by you and your mouth goes dry, you feel your sweat glands activated and of course butterflies in your stomach. I have not felt that in a while but this song kinda took me back somewhere.

I love the freshness of the song. It has a coastal sound to it that will get you swaying to the very laid back feel of the sound. Her voice blends beautifully with the instruments and her BGVs are on point. I am curious about the songwriting, I can pick English and Dholuo.Nyisagima datim koro:What shall I do?Mak bada mondo wadak gihera:Hold my hand so you give me peace .I love discovering young people who are still in touch with their culture most especially with their mother tongue.

There is no video to the song yet but what you can see is her video when she was in Sauti Academy performing the song. She is a beautiful girl with a voice to boot. I am actually curious to see how the video would look.

You can listen to the track on Mdundo and also find the acoustic version on Soundcloud.

Yours truly






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