hot this year

If  there are two people who are constantly putting in the  work in their music it is MDQ and Kagwe. Whether it is hip hop or club bangers these two will always be doing the most in a good way. The two decided to team up with their creative genius to bring you Hot This Year.

The beats in this track are the type that you want to be booming in your car when you are rolling up next to those small crowds in your estate. Cool kid status just like that. This song is one of those where you have an opportunity to chocha yourself, prop yourself up. Just before hitting the club I would most definitely play this song to get me pumped.

Kagwe is first up talking about how he is the ultimate ladies man and also calls himself Mr. Moneybags.Some of those punchlines though ‘Huu msee ni msick, I’m Ebola’.I mean really Kagwe, oh well moving on swiftly.

MDQ comes in with her verse showing us why she is the Queen. Talking about rolling into the rave with her big car, shutting down the club ten nil and talking about topping the Forbes List. Goals!

The chorus is very catchy ‘Hamuwezi kutukatisia, ni sisi tuko hot this year.’Hot!Hot! Hot!I especially love the bridge of the song. I can see myself screaming myself hoarse and jumping around like a crazy person,hehe.

Overall this is definitely  a party song that should be in your playlist. Kagwe did the song justice by picking this beat and by choosing MDQ to collaborate with him on it. There is still no video to the song but there is a performance video you can watch.

Watch the lyric video here.Enjoy your Friday.

Yours truly,



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