Saintly Saturdays: ‘Uka’ by Eunice Njeri


I have not reviewed a song that has excited me in a WHILE! You know the minute you hear a song and the hairs at the back of your neck stand up and words just start flowing and then you are completely in your zone? A song where you the artist put in effort but it is just the right amount? God knows I had missed something exciting. Eunice Njeri, one of the most consistent gospel artists in the Kenya has a song called ‘Uka’. ‘Uka’ is Kikuyu for come. Luos will say bi, Kambas will say Uka vaa, I do not know another language unfortunately.

The song is such a powerful worship song. The message is, ‘come Lord we wait for you.’ Is there anything more beautiful than telling God that you are waiting patiently for him? When you have prayed for something for a significant time and patiently wait for it, there is a beauty that comes with that. Sometimes it takes a second for the prayer to be answered, a day and things turn around for the better and in some cases it requires a process so it takes years. We do not see that and often get grumpy wondering whether God is in your corner , then … It happens. After a long wait, the skies clear and suddenly you can see the sun. That is pure beauty and this song is such an encouragement to anyone who is waiting for something and you have been trusting and praying.

The video…

Eagles Films have done a fantastic job. Power in a name eeh! It was shot in the wild. No, It is not the boring one where one runs through the forest in a long maxi. Eunice is playing the keyboard on top of a bridge and the director played around with aerial and close up shots that will leave you feeling like you are soaring (see what I did there? wink). She is then joined by a lady  playing the guitar. Confession…I love ladies playing instruments. It feels like the feminists fought a good fight and now we can hang guitars and strum away.

Wardrobe was apt with the theme in each scene. All black on the bridge which was very edgy , white dress with hot pink flowers while at the rock side with the blue glass. Good colour co-ordination. Your eyes will be in for a treat. No extras doing a lot of nothing, unnecessary dancers cluttering the video and have I mentioned how beautiful her voice is? She would perform acapella and sound the same or even better. This song will be on repeat if you love a good worship song. Out of a 10, this takes an 9 for simplicity, quality and a well thought out video.

Proud Eunice Njeri Groupie,


Click below to watch the video


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