Mushy Mondays: ‘Alivyonipenda’ by Otile Brown & Kaka

Kaka and Otile

Being a grown woman admitting to having a talent crush is not wrong , I think. A talent crush is when someone has a talent and they exemplify it so well that it excites you every time you watch them. My talent crush is Otile Brown. He once performed at a club in town, I was very much tempted to go but my enochlophobia did not allow it. Brown is a class act in my opinion, he knows he looks good, takes care of himself and he wears a suit very well. Ladies (and gents) you are welcome!

One thing that I have been adamant on admitting is how hard it is to continuously review Kenyan RnB and not get caught up sometimes. There are songs that take me down memory lane and suddenly I remember when my heart  worked. This song especially highlights something we have all felt. You love someone and they know it but they are in love with someone else. The someone else loves another and in the end it is a string of unrequited love. This life is just something else. Brown also tells of how ladies ( and some men) will stick by you when in the muck then they are abandoned by their partners when the sun starts to shine a little brighter. In his song, a man had a girl who was a good woman but when the pockets were heavier , he left her for a team light skin ( I ask again what is the obsession?)

This is such a familiar story! I am no expert in matters of the heart, but such scenarios are the reason why people ask of your occupation at the first date so that they know what they are dealing with. Further in the story Brown highlights the regret of leaving a good woman. This is where Karma takes the crown because , it always comes back. Funny story, I know of a girl who was dumped by someone because she was too broke. Hilarious!

The video is shot in a house that fits the bill.  Keyboard in the backyard with Brown playing it. In the house, his life plays out, how love is really good then things take a turn for the worse. Simple and classy. Just a note, Brown is a better dancer than he is an actor but the girl did well. The colours in the video are such a treat, the clarity is such a relief because everything flows seamlessly. However Kaka ( who is amazing as well), just stands there on one of the scenes and it looks weird. Leaves us wondering what exactly are we waiting for here? Their scene together is very well played out and their bromance comes off authentically.

There is a treble in Brown’s voice that cannot be feigned. This complements his vulnerability; perfect combination for an RnB song. Brown is one of the most underestimated artists and I cannot wait for the world to take notice of him. It is about time we saw him at concert, then he can get invites to even bigger concerts in East Africa and the rest of Africa. I have said repeatedly that he is in the league of Ali Kiba, pure talent that speaks for itself without unwarranted hype. Thumbs up for Dreamland Music Empire. I love it, hope you do as well.

Sending Love Your Way ,


Click below to watch the video.




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