If there is one site that I have to give a big shout out to it is definitely Bottomline Kenya. When I am here stuck for the umpteenth time over what content to publish I just have to pay this site a visit and voila I am saved.

So I discovered a newbie,Dave Ndegwa.His latest song is Sunny Day but I chose to review Kairetu because it  somewhat met the criteria of this segment. Kairetu has that house music feel which is very laid back and great for easy listening. For a first single Dave you have really tried(Kenyan English). Kairetu is Girl in the Kikuyu language. He fuses English Kiswahili and Kikuyu pretty seamlessly. This song would be really nice to dedicate to your girlfriend when you are at the honeymoon phase or even  as  a make up song after you guys have fought.

Dave praises this girl who always looks good and is naturally beautiful hence no need for filter (if you are on Instagram you understand this). In the Swahili part of the song he says though there are many fish in the sea this girl is really the only one for him.I don’t know what it is about this song that reminded me of Liquideep’s Still.

About the songwriting I  cannot say that it is anything extraordinary. It is just unfortunate I am not proficient in Kikuyu but I am sure there are no huge gems hidden within these verses. Note to musicians, if you want to spice up your otherwise ordinary song sing it another language…but make sure you are good at it. I have heard some Kenyans trying to spice up their songs with terrible French so maybe try your mother tongue.

Dave’s voice is that mellow kind that you would love to listen to in one of those rustic cafes. That being said I think he needs to really work on his vocals,there is something there Dave  but you have to go the extra mile to make us sit up and notice.

There is no video to the song but you can feast your eyes on a video for the ‘Making of kairetu’. You can also find him on Soundcloud, Youtube(Dave Ndegwa) for his covers and Instagram for his pictures.(Yes he is also a photographer:)

Here is the track.

What say you?

Yours truly,the Four Eyed Ninja,





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