Do you know what I love to see in an artist? Someone who goes against the grain and is always pushing the boundaries. Cece is one of those girls who went off the beaten path and it really paid off. Some of us may be mistaken for thinking that she just came into the scene recently but she has been around for a while.

You may recognise her as the female vocalist in Jimmy Gait’s Appointment. Yes she was that girl with that sweet voice. Cece had her beginnings in Sauti Academy just like the greats that you know of Sauti Sol, Dela, Phy the list could go on.

Her first single Sio Mwisho is a touching story of a woman who had hopes for her baby that never made it out alive. The song is an acknowledgement of the loss but also an encouragement for better days ahead. Considering how young she was that was a really deep message for such a sensitive issue but she nailed it.


After that she  disappeared but came back with not just a new look but new sound. Feel It is a single about living in the moment and not waiting to enjoy life only when things are good or going your way.It is about enjoying the beauty of the roses even with the thorns.

A trip to Mombasa in the year 2014 was her epiphany, her ‘Aha’ moment and that was when she came up with the slogan #CeceOnAMission.In her words ‘#CeceOnAMission has no limits. It’s a movement, not just to push me in my music career but generally in life. Also, to inspire and motivate others in one way or another, to help them do the same with their life. If it helps, you can make a slogan for you too.’

Afterwards she teamed up with Octopizzo to give you the work of art that is ‘I’m a Doer.‘ The premise of the song was basically that “you can do anything if you believe in yourself, all you need to do is go for it”. The video was just pure bliss, just the right amount of flashy potrayal of the good life without it being excess.

The year 2016 looks to be promising for the bubbly songstress who released the feel good song ‘9to 5’ that paints a picture of one actually getting the chance to enjoy themselves while at work. If after listening to this song nothing changes then maybe you need to change jobs :). The video is so much FUN and I love that it is not a run of the mill production in a studio with a white background and dancers cluttering the video instead of enhancing it.

One thing that you can see with this girl is that she is not afraid to experiment. Another is that she is constantly working on her craft, she can play the piano but is now learning to play the guitar. She took time off to figure out her sound and is not flooding us every 3 months or so with her music (I know you know who I am talking about). It matters who you work with and clearly MG as her producer, Brainworks doing the videos and Victor Peace helping out with her publicity thanks to those crisp images, it is helping her brand as an artist. She also has a website that helps you be more in touch with her as a person and let’s be real apart from helping you look professional this also helps you feel more relatable to your fans.

I really cannot wait to see what else this girl has in store for us but so far I am loving the direction that her music is taking. I will admit it I was not sure about you Cece but you now have a new follower.

Check out her website www.cecesagini.com.

Subscribe to her Youtube Channel Cece Sagini.

Check out her latest video .




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