They say life is all about new experiences and learning new things. What is the essence of life if you can’t learn anything new? It beats the whole purpose of your existence and your existence is the core of life. I just mumbled a whole lot of gibberish hoping to tone down on the fact that I learn about a new artist every other week.

This week, it’s J Kali or simply Jason Kalinga. I haven’t heard of him and when I saw J Kali I honestly thought it was the short form of Jua Cali. I however, have to balance my ignorance with my love for music and review his track Balance. This is probably the best mistake Sakina stumbled upon. Balance by J Kali is what hip hop should be.

The track covers the human life. It covers every day life. The content revolves around your actions, reactions and consequences. The track addresses an issue most people hate Mututho for but on a different spectrum. Drinking. The effect of alcohol consumption, not on your health only but on the way you relate with society.

He does however mention, that although he likes sipping, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t tell you why you need to moderate your sipping. I fell for the track first time the beat dropped. It takes me to J Cole kind of music where he talks about what he does and why you shouldn’t do it. An oxymoron of sorts is what this track is. I like his use of wordplay and how he uses his acquired education to bring out his points. I never thought I’d hear anyone using magnesium in a rhyme.

The lyrics are very conscious yet entertaining with the use of a few cuss words which I think creative licenses give to artists to express their feelings and thoughts. His flow is very interesting as well. I would listen to the track on repeat just to get his rhyme scheme and perform the track in a bar while ordering for my gin and tonic, stirred and shaken, I’m not James Bond.

The beat was spot on as well and he rode it like a perfect surfer. I would want to see what creative direction he takes with the video though. This is a track I can already see a few scenarios in. The fact that he or whoever wrote this track shows they have creative minds so the video will definitely be something to look forward to.

He makes a point though and this track comes at an opportune time. There’s a time for everything and driving after drinking or drinking and driving isn’t one of them. Alcohol shouldn’t be a getaway or gateway to misery. Alcohol is meant to be a social drug. Take just enough to relax and know when to say enough. Love your life, don’t let a moment of fun destroy a lifetime of exploration.



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