moyo njeri

We have previously addressed the issue of picking a name as an artist and the impact it has on your brand. You can catch up with that article here. When I heard of the name Shakila Bachnana, I almost cried. Honest to God when you hear that, what comes to mind? Does it not sound like a cartoon character that wears braces and is bullied in the playground?

Surely when trying to make something of your talent do you not think about your name?  Imagine if Audi cars were called Bachnana I doubt anyone would buy them.  Shakila Bachnana is a Coast based artist who has collaborated with Njeri in the song Moyo that was co-written by Otile Brown. I really need to stop talking about this guy.

The song Moyo is the typical love song of loving someone despite of who they are. This is a step in the right direction for Njeri because we have seen her as a tough girl in all her other songs. You have to applaud her for making rap in Kikuyu sound so good. Other artists should try the same too. Imagine having a rap song in Pokomo or Maragoli. Endless opportunities. In the song Njeri shows diversity in that she uses English, Swahili and Kikuyu throughout the song.I am  assuming that her leaning towards Swahili Sanifu was her trying to win over the coastal audience.

The video that has been directed by Dr.Eddie was shot in Mombasa. When I worked there for a while, I learned that it is not difficult to score a location to shoot anything. The government actually supports you. I wish I could say the same for Nairobi County. The video follows her and her lover as they go about showing love for one another. Good storyline till Njeri licks a lollipop in one of the scenes. The idea was good but it looks weird like one of those black American music videos with raunchy video vixens.

That however is not the main catastrophe. When Shakila (Why? Why? ) makes an entrance, I thought I had played the next video by mistake. What in the world was/ is she doing in this song? If this was her debut thank God she has sunglasses on, people cannot recognize her on the streets. Her verse is just bad. She had no business being in this song. She kills it and I do not mean that as a complement. As for the director and the producer, at what point did it hit you that you might have a tough one on your hands? A month, a day or even a minute to the shoot? That was enough time to request Bachnana to leave the set and compensate her for time wasted. The whole thing is a sad state of affairs.

The song is a hit, if we consider  Njeri’s verses only. The future looks very bright for her given the investment in her videos thus far. Clearly Dreamland Music Empire believes in her. Njeri between you and me, as an artist you have a right to pick who you are going to do a collaboration with. With that being said that was a well written song, good job to Otile and Njeri. Shakila Bachnana, the beauty about life is that we are constantly evolving, you could do something that will revert the damage already done. Do not give up. Jipe Moyo.


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