cece sagini.jpg

You know what, I will just be so grateful for this song, otherwise, acheni tu.How many of you have a 9 to 5 job and from the moment you walk in you are literally willing the clock to work in your favour? You look up at the clock after hours then realise it is only 9:30am.Hehe :).

Well the beautiful velvety voiced Cece put this whole feeling into a really feel good song. As you are standing there next to the photocopy machine waiting for the document to copy you should listen to this song. The songwriting is really cool, it is able to capture your imagination and transport you back to a place that you had long forgotten.

I love the part ‘5,4,3,2,1, I am about to scream guys 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 because it’s home time.’ Don’t act like you weren’t one of those people who still celebrated home time like you were never coming back to school.So much fun. The chorus is one of those staple playground songs .’Kamares,kamares..’ (do not ask me what kamares means,I don’t know).I love how she adapted that singing game into this song.The bridge also incorporates one of the other playground songs ‘Embeumbe,mayoyo'(Do NOT ask me what that means either.)

Whoever did the musical arrangement did such a good job, I cannot get over that trumpet.There is also an instrument that produces a sound that I have heard from a keyboard(is that it Cece?). I am in heaven just listening to how beautifully these instruments have come together.

Now the video. Mr. Osidiana, how are you?(Your name reminds me of Obsidian the rock in Geography :). Thank you for showing us that you do not need fancy cameras and equipment to produce a good video. This could either be a 5D/7D camera coupled with really good lighting. The colours are vibrant and it’s a treat for the eyes. Good actors especially the girl with the gum, it’s irritating and entertaining to watch you at the same time. You can see there was a script in this music video and my favourite part is when everyone breaks into dance in the soul train line. Then plot twist at the end, it was a dream. Genius! Good job to makeup and wardrobe, Cece stands out as the centre of focus.Other artists please take note, it matters who is on your team.

I would give this song 15 out of 10. I love it, what are your thoughts?

Yours truly,





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