About The Bar

This is The Bar,a collective of 3 individuals passionate about African music.Our vision is to be the premiere point of reference concerning African music.Our mission is to ensure continous improvement in the quality of African music by discovering new talent,pushing the current players in the industry to do better,give information on new trends that could improve production quality of music and basically just do what we can to improve the current situation of the African music  industry.

Here is the team!


Mildred Sakina(Red) is a writer,actor and producer.So what is she doing here,talking about music?Music is a form of art just like theatre and film.She loves  all forms of art and believes  specifically that music is the soundtrack to moments in our lives.In a party aside form being a gracious host she would probably be the DJ that would keep the energy pumped!Her dream is to see Africa as the musical giant that it once was and is destined to be.

10348390_810653162309743_7298675096656347513_nMedrine Nyambura Nyawira is a lover of God and Art. The actor is obsessed with music and when she is not trying out karaoke, she is critiquing music. She loves any good song with exemplary beats and sensible lyrics. When she is not discovering new recipes, she is bingeing on movies and stalking Richard Branson on entrepreneur.com. In another life she loves creative photography and she has booked all her friends’ events in advance. She cannot wait to discover new music in the era she describes is at the brink of massive explosion. According to her this is the best time to be an artist.