Of covers, strange arrangement and memories of boy bands,here is a rundown of how things went down last Sunday.

Have you fainted from the heat yet? Because that Sunday the heat was so bad I had to change my outfit a couple of times before making my way to Alliance Francaise where the event was set to take place. Continue reading




I wondered why it is single people will always be the one who get the most wasted at events. For the first time I truly understood. How do you go to an event whose theme is love and you are there,single? It is depressing to be honest.Anyway I am optimistic about finding the bae,after all the year is still young. Continue reading

Event review:Kenya Music Week ‘Ongea :The Eastern Africa Music Summit’


The Kenya Music Week dubbed the Ongea the Eaastern Africa Summit took place from Thursday 28th January to Sunday 31st January at the Sarit Centre. You know how the best laid plans are bound to fail? That is exactly what happened to me. I had planned to attend at least 2 days of this wonderful event but alas the odds were against me. Friday had me sitting in a salon and then traffic for close to 2 hours ..(sigh). Continue reading

Wildcard Wednesday: Why Sauti Academy is one of Kenya’s music scene best asset


Talent is God given, skills are earned.

While going through the ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life’ phase  I auditioned for Sauti Academy. Story for another day. Anyway, how Sauti Academy works is that you audition. An aspiring musician will go and sing their guts out in front of Natalie Lukkenaer, director Penya Africa among other panelists for a chance to sample their madness hoping that they get a chance to follow a passion that keeps them awake at night. If you make it, this is followed by a one year program of intensive training vocally, learning the ropes in songwriting and working on live performance. This is the push that many artists need to jump start their career. Continue reading


12489379_1550521411932521_7330576098137209937_oHow do you spend a Sunday afternoon after church?(That is if you go).Do you decide to go out and pig out on fries cooked by transformer oil coupled with drumsticks from Marabou storks.Ok,ignore that. Last Sunday I went to an event by Drumjam Kenya and the theme was “Divas in the Park”.The proceeds were going towards maintenance of the August 7th  Memorial Park. Continue reading

Events : Book a date to ONGEA!


The music event of the year is back and this time it is bigger and better.Kenya Music Week ONGEA! is back with an aim to inform and entertain all the music stake holders. It will be going down at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall Westlands Nairobi on 28th – 31st of January 2016 at 12pm-8pm. The four days will involve the following Continue reading