When I first heard the song Tonight, I thought Camp Mulla had gotten back together. Then I heard some good old gospel with some swag in it. Let me tell you folks if these were the songs that we got introduced to when we first understood Christianity, many souls would still be in the church. Recapp is a group of three young man and a young lady. We can call her the queen of the group.

After the hit Tonight, the group has done another hit called’ 5stones’. The background is the David and Goliath story of overcoming challenges. The name of the song 5 stones resemble the 5 soft stones that the bible defines as all David had when he went to slay Goliath.

Don’t we all love a hero’s story where the underdog wins and takes over the world? Truth is in different aspects of life whether we accept it or not, we all want to be top dogs at something. We flock the church and ask God to show us favour and let his will be done in us. Deep down we hope that his will involves us making a difference in people’s lives in whichever way that pleases God. The message throughout the song is that of understanding that you can do everything through God.

The video of the song 5 stones is shot in a desert and the theme is fun, swag and a lot of fun. There is a commuter’s bus filled with young people just enjoying the music. The element of class is in the beginning when Nelly Tuikong, the lady introduces the song. Here is why the idea of her starting the song works. When you are a girl in a group with four men two things might happen; you either stand out or you disappear and become the chorus girl. The latter is usually what  happens most of the time. Her starting the song at a point of power is very good for her. It shows that she can hold her ground should she go solo.

The young men Emmanuel Mwongela, Edward Obura and Ted Askoye all rap but each one of them has their own style of spitting. Again another selling point. Moreover they have skills that they bring to the table ranging from playing instruments, songwriting and one of them is studying law and another economics. An artist is better off with an education to go by because when the talent earns you recognition, the next step is handling business and managing to stay afloat.

Rigga in the song brings a maturity and experience. One question though, does he not age at all? He has looked the same since the time we met him. He also depicts a laid back demeanor that comes with having spent a good time in the business. However, what was the essence of having a car go around him in circles as he does his piece. The sand is literally a smoke screen and it is not pretty. Sometimes music video directors will have concepts in mind, they are good, problem it is too much on the eye.

Recapp is a gospel group  and one can feel that they are genuine. Everyone is when they are starting out. I read an article about them and one of the ways they stay grounded is by having bible study every week to check on each other. That level of commitment is what they should try their best to hold on to before the industry gets real. Their fan base is full of young people which is a good move because they could use some good gospel music. They have also made their mark by having quality videos which is a good way to introduce yourself on the world.

Saintly Saturdays: ‘Uka’ by Eunice Njeri


I have not reviewed a song that has excited me in a WHILE! You know the minute you hear a song and the hairs at the back of your neck stand up and words just start flowing and then you are completely in your zone? A song where you the artist put in effort but it is just the right amount? God knows I had missed something exciting. Eunice Njeri, one of the most consistent gospel artists in the Kenya has a song called ‘Uka’. ‘Uka’ is Kikuyu for come. Continue reading

Saintly Saturdays:’Yelele’ by Camp David feat Kris Eeh Baba

Camp David

The digital space has spoiled everything. You know the way we hung on to our seats to watch The Beat to catch the latest song or dance move?Now  we go online. We control  our own consumption online and it is very easy to miss out on artists who do not make as much noise. I also have not been to church in a while so I do not know the latest song. That being said , I had no idea who Camp David were before this post. Camp David you have a very good name. One one hand I could be living under my smart phone which leaves me clueless or you have not made it your mission to make sure that everybody knows who you are. Continue reading

Saintly Saturdays: ‘Tembea Nami’ by Joy Ambale

Joy Ambale

This week I have been stalking a certain celebrity couple who have in the past caused an uproar with their decision to remain celibate till they get married. I usually look for good marriage  stories for hope that the institution works while still remaining open to the fact that there are many that are falling apart. One thing that has stood out for me in all their interviews  is how important it is to communicate and say exactly what you mean without fear. This saves the marriage many fights that shields it from resentment and allowing for couples to actually enjoy their union. Let me stop before I turn into a marriage counsellor. Continue reading



Usually, I’m an honest guy and I’ll have to be honest. There are people who have latent talent but you never really see them coming through and doing much with it. From primary school to university I’ve shared classes with talented individuals who I’d put my money on to go on and be the next big thing but they always find a way of crushing my dream. Continue reading

Saintly Saturdays: ‘Tulia na Imani’ by Mercy Njoki

mercy njoki tulia

As it is now, I know of two artists who managed to do  a 52 weeks project where they release a song each week for a year; Mercy Njoki  did it last year  and Poppa Don is on that project this year. Mercy Njoki is a very diverse artist, read an article about her here. Mercy assumes different tones depending on the song. She can have some upbeat swag music followed by a worship song. In this song, she talks about being still in God and knowing that he will take care of everything. This brings to mind the song by Deitrick Haddon 

“…stand still and know that he is God

there is no need to fight

Cos the battle is not your’ s

the battle is the Lord’s…”

Shortly after that, Donnie McClurkin joins in with a beautiful verse.

Continue reading



Do you feel guilty when you sit in a group and everyone talks about how they went to church and the best you have done lately is Joel Osteen at 9AM only to doze off ten minutes later? Let me make it worse Daddy Owen thinks that everyday should be a Jumapili (Sunday).  Panic alert! Continue reading