moyo njeri

We have previously addressed the issue of picking a name as an artist and the impact it has on your brand. You can catch up with that article here. When I heard of the name Shakila Bachnana, I almost cried. Honest to God when you hear that, what comes to mind? Does it not sound like a cartoon character that wears braces and is bullied in the playground? Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: ‘Alivyonipenda’ by Otile Brown & Kaka

Kaka and Otile

Being a grown woman admitting to having a talent crush is not wrong , I think. A talent crush is when someone has a talent and they exemplify it so well that it excites you every time you watch them. My talent crush is Otile Brown. He once performed at a club in town, I was very much tempted to go but my enochlophobia did not allow it. Continue reading



I love butterflies.Can never get over how beautiful and graceful they are.  At my wedding I imagine butterflies fluttering all over. Picture perfect,no?Just as I was panicking over what song to do along came Swiga with the song Butterflies. I first heard Swiga at an event and she was performing in the rain. She soldiered on though and  I remember thinking that she had an indie folk kind of sound to her with her other songs. Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: ‘Wewe Ndiye’ by Amileena &Calvo Mistari

Wewe Ndiye

In my life I have attended one wedding as a guest where you get your hair done and show up. The rest have been a job for me , either as a photographer or an usher. The thing is weddings can get very redundant and it takes good organizers to make it different. The song ‘ Wewe Ndiye’ (You are the one)  by Amileena and Calvo Mistari ( are they still a couple? ) tells the story of a wedding. An actual wedding. Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: ‘Helena’ by Third Hand Music

3rd hand music

How was Valentines? Did you get a rose or chocolate? Wine perhaps? Did you go to Kempinski or Java? Some of you were home right? Not to worry Valentines is really overrated, (that is what people with no baes say, *evil laughter* ) If your heart was broken this weekend , pole. The streets  can get very mean. Let us talk about Third Hand Music. They have been perfecting their skill for the last four years and they are awesome. Write music , movies and books for women and you have struck gold. These three young men have decided to woo us with the song Helena. Continue reading

Mushy Mondays : ‘Aki wewe’ by Kwame



Kwame might be one of the few romantic artists that we have in the country. He is actually very fascinating. He shares in one of the interviews that Kenyan women are the best women to love, that is a first usually we are labelled as gold- digging drama queens. Not all women are like that but socialites are not making it easier for the good girls. His song is very mushy and it woos any girl. He is one of those men that God gave some serious punch lines.I really hope he can give the good game he sells in this song. By good game I mean he is a good guy. Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: Are you Gonna love me? by Joy Gitau

Joy Gitau

Kevin Provoke of Provoke music is pushing boundaries in the music industry. Many may know him as Wangechi’s producer. He has worked with Joy Gitau on the track Are you Gonna love me? This song depicts a very common situation. When you yearn to love someone but you are not sure whether they will guard your heart or not. You then decide to give it a shot because for some reason it feels right and you would not have it any other way. If this is a familiar script then you are  a passionate creature who loves hard and would give anything for someone you love. That my friends is the mood set in this song. Continue reading