Mushy Mondays: ‘Wafula’ by Alaine feat Churchill


So guess who is back to singing again, Churchill. The last time I saw him in a video was when he was doing  Mwikhulu by Rufftone. It is good to reminisce the old days. Of course now he looks polished and life seems to be better.This time he is on a hunt for one Wafula and guess who his partner in crime is , Alaine. It is now official that Alaine is Kenyan.She has been to this country so many times and one thing that continues to stand out is her humility and good aura.She is the perfect definition of a bundle of joy. Continue reading


Mushy Mondays: ‘Wedding Ring’ by Nazizi



The horror of being left at the altar is traumatizing. This is why I think every bride should have a shot of tequila before heading out. It might also help with  the walk. Guess who was left  at the altar? Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: ‘Helena’ by Third Hand Music

3rd hand music

How was Valentines? Did you get a rose or chocolate? Wine perhaps? Did you go to Kempinski or Java? Some of you were home right? Not to worry Valentines is really overrated, (that is what people with no baes say, *evil laughter* ) If your heart was broken this weekend , pole. The streets  can get very mean. Let us talk about Third Hand Music. They have been perfecting their skill for the last four years and they are awesome. Write music , movies and books for women and you have struck gold. These three young men have decided to woo us with the song Helena. Continue reading


prisca oj

When you cannot instantly tell the nationality of an artist in a song it is a good thing because it puts them on a whole other level. Then if the song is from an adopted genre and is well executed you are hooked. I have watched enough movies based on the black culture and there is always a girl who can sing backed by BGVs doing an amazing job. They mostly sing the blues, jazz and swing and their bodies move sensually. Their hair is usually big and shining showing the sheen that was generously sprayed on it. Their dresses are usually little shimmering things exposing their well-toned thighs. The club usually has men smoking cigars accompanied by women in mink and they too smoke cigarettes. This is the mood that Prisca brings into the song Elusive Baby.  Continue reading



Do you have someone in mind who given a chance you would gladly give them your number ? I know I do. Phyllis Ng’etich aka Phy is such a joy to listen to and watch. She recently released her album and number 2 on the playlist is ‘Una Manzi’ . Continue reading



SanaIf the English dictionary had images to describe words, Sanaipei Tande would be right next to SEXY. She does not age at all! She mentioned in an interview that she eats anything she wants. Sigh!  Sanaipei Tande has looked the same since her East Africa Coca Cola Popstars Talent Search days. Following the split of the group ‘SEMA ‘ she has gone ahead to make a name for herself. Continue reading



Anyone who has been to Nanyuki will confess how beautiful the place is. It was founded in 1907 by British settlers and it has grown to be a tourist attraction. It is a good place to raise children; quite , serene and green. Well , when I was thirteen we were driving back to Nairobi after Christmas festivities when a song from the road trip playlist came on. It struck a chord in me and I hang on every word , thinking to myself ‘Who could this genius be ?’ I prodded the designated driver to reveal the name of the artist and he said it was Continue reading