Mushy Mondays: ‘Alivyonipenda’ by Otile Brown & Kaka

Kaka and Otile

Being a grown woman admitting to having a talent crush is not wrong , I think. A talent crush is when someone has a talent and they exemplify it so well that it excites you every time you watch them. My talent crush is Otile Brown. He once performed at a club in town, I was very much tempted to go but my enochlophobia did not allow it. Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: Are you Gonna love me? by Joy Gitau

Joy Gitau

Kevin Provoke of Provoke music is pushing boundaries in the music industry. Many may know him as Wangechi’s producer. He has worked with Joy Gitau on the track Are you Gonna love me? This song depicts a very common situation. When you yearn to love someone but you are not sure whether they will guard your heart or not. You then decide to give it a shot because for some reason it feels right and you would not have it any other way. If this is a familiar script then you are  a passionate creature who loves hard and would give anything for someone you love. That my friends is the mood set in this song. Continue reading



SanaIf the English dictionary had images to describe words, Sanaipei Tande would be right next to SEXY. She does not age at all! She mentioned in an interview that she eats anything she wants. Sigh!  Sanaipei Tande has looked the same since her East Africa Coca Cola Popstars Talent Search days. Following the split of the group ‘SEMA ‘ she has gone ahead to make a name for herself. Continue reading