Do you know what I love to see in an artist? Someone who goes against the grain and is always pushing the boundaries. Cece is one of those girls who went off the beaten path and it really paid off. Some of us may be mistaken for thinking that she just came into the scene recently but she has been around for a while. Continue reading


Wildcard Wednesday: Covers or blunders?



A cover is a new performance of a previously recorded or commercially released song by someone other than the original artist or composer. Sampling is taking a portion of a song and re-using it as an instrument or a sound recording. Now that we have understood what that is let us address the issue at hand. Kenyans were previously not very open to doing song covers and many were done in the confines of our homes and bathrooms. The world has discovered some of the best artists through covers that were uploaded on YouTube. It is  now easier for record labels to search for artists on social media as opposed to holding auditions. But that is mostly done in the Western world as opposed to this side of the world. Continue reading