moyo njeri

We have previously addressed the issue of picking a name as an artist and the impact it has on your brand. You can catch up with that article here. When I heard of the name Shakila Bachnana, I almost cried. Honest to God when you hear that, what comes to mind? Does it not sound like a cartoon character that wears braces and is bullied in the playground? Continue reading

Mushy Mondays: ‘Alivyonipenda’ by Otile Brown & Kaka

Kaka and Otile

Being a grown woman admitting to having a talent crush is not wrong , I think. A talent crush is when someone has a talent and they exemplify it so well that it excites you every time you watch them. My talent crush is Otile Brown. He once performed at a club in town, I was very much tempted to go but my enochlophobia did not allow it. Continue reading

MUSHY MONDAYS : ‘Dejavu’ by Otile Brown


otile brown .jpg 1

Mushy Mondays are tricky. You are supposed to be pursuing the week’s goals while evaluating your weekend mistakes. Therefore, this being the day of love at theBar , I usually look like a loonie at the office ooohing and aaaawing at music videos. Sue me!

My guilty pleasure is one Otile Brown. Brother, where have you been? He is an exciting breath of fresh air and eye candy who has more to him than meets the eye.  Otile is in the league of Diamond, Ali Kiba and the rest of the bongo flavour artists who make our legs melt and give the guys pickup lines. The song ‘Dejavu’ is beauty, creativity and finesse put together to make a Loveshake. Continue reading